Please note - this list will be added-to, as expressions of support are received

Elected Representatives  -  Please note we have also received several verbal expressions of support...

Rt. Hon. Jane Hunt MP - Member for Loughborough

Ted Parton - Charnwood Borough Councillor for Loughborough Southfields Ward and Leicestershire County Councillor for Loughborough South- "Count me in!"

Paul Mercer - Charnwood Borough Councillor for Loughborough Southfields Ward - "I am more than happy to support this excellent initiative" Air quality is an important issue for residents in Southfields ward.

Margaret Smidowicz - Charnwood Borough Councillor for Nanpantan Ward and Lead Member for Regulatory Services, Enforcement and Licensing  - "Count me in!"

Luke Smith - Charnwood Borough Councillor for Loughborough Garendon Ward - "I am delighted to support any efforts to make sure that the air quality in the borough is monitored and improved where possible"

Max Hunt - Leicestershire County Councillor for Loughborough North West -"You have my support"

Christine Radford - Leicestershire Country Councillor for Shepshed Division - "You have my support"

Betty Newton - Leicestershire County Councillor for Loughborough North - " have my support too"

Joan Tassell - Charnwood Borough Councillor for Shepshed West -"...I am happy for you to add my name"

Nicky Morgan - former MP for Loughborough - "I've consistently voiced my worries about this, spoken at planning hearings...and worked with local residents"

Residents' Groups

Kingfisher Area Residents' Group - Southfields Ward

Nanpantan Ward Residents' Group

Storer and Ashby area Residents' Group -"SARG is supportive of your prime objective"

Longcliffe Golf Club - "...supports the submission by the Loughborough Air Quality Protection Group (LAQPG) and objects to the BIFFA application to construct an incinerator near to Junction 23 of M1 near Loughborough.  Significant concerns include: The close proximity of the incinerator. Poor air quality and its impact on staff, members and visitors. Where the ash will deposited in landfill?  Particularly if this is disposed of in quarry next to course boundary."


Stuart Brady - Prospective Labour Candidate for Loughborough